Palimpsests II

by Will Brant

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Here it is, at long last, Palimpsests II. I was talking it up a while back, but got sidetracked by listlessness and other musical pursuits. These are recordings from the hot summer of 2009. Echoes of a now distant past. Initially cast aside as tracks not suitable for release, the pieces on this album are in some ways more interesting and definitely more varied than the pieces on the original Palimpsests album. I rediscovered these recordings sometime in the fall of 2010, realizing they were more engaging than I had initially thought. Like those on the first Palimpsests album, all these pieces were improvised using a digital looping pedal. Some tracks have a similar flowing, droning quality that characterized the first release, but other tracks are more dynamic, in a way, they more accurately expressing the idea of a palimpsest. Each stab of guitar is like a mark on blank parchment, and as the sonic scratches and marks build up, the result is a dense thicket of sound, the original marks obscured by clouds of others.

My choice to release an album of material a year and a half old was fueled by the positive responses I got from the listeners of the first Palimpsests album. I knew I had a bunch of recordings lying around, and the only thing that kept me from sharing them was spending the needed time to make them presentable. I owe you all that much. Also, this release is a way for me to test the waters before I plunge in with fresh and new material, which I am working very hard on. I’m very excited about my current focus, a departure from these ambient soundscapes. So in some ways, this release is a way to put things in order, before I move on. To give you a preview of what I have in store: I made recordings last summer that expand on the palimpsest idea of creating a constant evolution of sound over a longer scale with more musical events. I am also currently working on songs that I like to call “pop” songs. That word illustrates what I wish for them to be more than what they really are, but compared to these abstract fields of sound, they may appear to pop out at you. So, thanks for listening and stay tuned.


released February 23, 2011

Will Brant - guitar

Cover photo taken in Hillsboro, Florida, December 2009.




Will Brant New York, New York

will brant is an nyc-based experimental composer/songwriter, guitarist & artist.

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