by Will Brant

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The pieces on this record were culled from a series of improvisations on guitar that I recorded late at night sitting in my room in New York City in July 2009. Each "instant composition" was created by using a process in which I loop something played on guitar and gradually add harmonic and melodic layers to this loop until it becomes a dense wash of sound. It occurred to me that the result of this process created something similar to a palimpsest, in which the original sounds, as they are obscured by what is added later, become residue, creating a layered document. This process draws inspiration from Steve Reich's idea of music as a gradual process, Erik Satie's "furniture music" (similarly Brian Eno's ambient music), and the credo that John Cage borrowed from the East stating that "the purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind, thus making it susceptible to divine influences."

In my compositions, I am mainly interested in exploring the effect of repetition and texture on mental and emotional states. Through the use of repetitive structures, drones and layered textures, I try to create vibrational environments that inspire meditative states in the listener.

Listen to this music when you're cleaning your room, surfing the web, doing yoga, cooking dinner, taking a walk, or falling asleep. I accept the fractured, overstimulated existence we find ourselves in and I encourage you to experience this music as a layer in your perceptual consciousness. Think of it as a gradually changing painting or sculpture in the background, coloring your mind, or sit and scrutinize every mark, every detail, every vibration.


released August 27, 2009

William Brant - Guitar
The cover photo was taken on Indian Hill, Middletown, CT.




Will Brant New York, New York

will brant is an nyc-based experimental composer/songwriter, guitarist & artist.

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