Loree Way

by Will Brant

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From somewhere the idea came to me of thinking about music like terrain, like landscape. I work mostly in textures, and what is a landscape, but textures? Listening to a piece of music is not unlike driving through a landscape, new events happening over time, receding into the past behind us.

This work reflects this idea more than any other that I've recorded. I was using a new piece of equipment to achieve a continuous flowing quality that allowed the pieces to evolve over longer periods of time than my Palimpsest pieces, though the idea and physical performance of these pieces is a direct result of those previous ideas.

I've left behind the indelible layer upon layer of my previous music for almost a year now. The open-ended nature of this new style of performance is appealing to me because it lends itself to constant development and highly variable duration. I've also opened up my palette to more textures, varying the landscape as I go along.

For a while now, I've found that my spirituality is based in music. Performing and playing are meditative acts, rituals that bring me closer to the ecstatic experience than almost anything else. It enables me to tap into a deeper level of existence, perhaps something that lasts eternally...perhaps this music of the spheres of which some Ancient Greeks were so fond.

We are all made up of vibrating and spinning particles, the residue of nebular events, the stuff of stars. Playing music may help me to let go of my ego and enter into a transcendental state, one in which I become at home among all peoples, all matter, all vibrations. This all may sound rather outlandish to you, it may not, but--as someone once said to me--don't knock it 'till ya try it.


released June 1, 2011

Will Brant - guitar, effects, recording

Recorded in Monte Nido, California.

Cover Photo taken in Monte Nido.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank my bandmates in The Shade and Duchampion with whom I had been touring and recording prior to this recording and who constantly inspire me. I would also like to thank the Goldsmith family, especially Paul and Peta, for taking me in, putting up with my noise, and making me feel at home in a far away place. Finally I'd like to thank my entire family, my Uncle John, Aunt Louise, Aunt Helen, cousin Joe, cousin Tom, my sister Katherine, and my parents for all the love and support.

And to my "fans," whom I'm lucky enough to call my friends.




Will Brant New York, New York

will brant is an nyc-based experimental composer/songwriter, guitarist & artist.

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